Bordel de merde vertaling

Mdr exp., mort(e) de rire, "laughing myself to death (equivalent of lol, laughing out loud).
For example, if you have word 12, in verlan it will become 2-1.
Conjugation of être, "to.
Eñ-CU-lay La fac., college or university; short for 'faculté' fack Faire chier exp., to annoy fer shee-ay Faire la tête exp., to pout.I was wrong and, fuck, I just wanted to cuddle.Koi interrogative, quoi, "what also seen in pourkoi, "why"."On va bouffer quand?".Also, "enculé" is the escort mal ö participle turned into a substantive, and means "bastard" or "arsehole".For instance - 'Il est vachement idiot' could be translated as 'He is quite stupid'.Bite., dick bEEt Blaireau., litt.Enervé(e), pissed off, angry, aggravated.In the movie, the native French-speaking actor playing the Merovingian ad-libbed this phrase when asked to swear in French, which the Wachowski Brothers liked so much that they added it to the script.Common verlan expressions include: Beur ou rebeu., A person of Arab descent.Audio1 Audio2 Audio3 Audio4 Abruti(e)., A retarded person, an idiot ah-broo-tee Accro., addict ack-RO Ado., prostituerad eller social dam teen; short for 'adolescent' AH-doh Apéro., Short for apéritif.
Slang: consistency style edit, to use slang efficiently, it is important to maintain a consistency of style.
place them at the end of the sentence;.e.
Colloquial word meaning "genius" (as used in UK English "great "brilliant "sensational" or "awesome" j-knee-al Gosse.m., Child Grave adj.An approximate American version would be "Goddammit, fucking piece of shit, fucking asshole, fuck your mother in the ass." In French, as he says, "It's like wiping your ass with silk.".Pew-tAÑ S'en battre (les couilles) exp., "Je m'en bats (les couilles "I don't care see 'foutre' Super adj., 'very 'really' ; "Je suis super content" "I'm really happy" soup-air Taff.Zgeg.m., dick Zouz.m., Girlfriend or The girl you flirt with "Touche pas à ma zouz" Don't touch my "Zouz" zoooz Verlan is roughly similar to English Pig Latin, in that certain words are split in half, and the two componenents switch positions, but."J'ai cet examen à la con" "I have this stupid test" cohÑ Connerie nf, 'crap' Crever., to burst or explode; to die, 'to kick the bucket' adj., crevé(e), exhausted.Therefore, the translation of 'fuck' into French depends on the corresponding part of speech.The translation would be "godamn fucking load of shit, no translation of saloperie, closest would be fuck up asshole, mother fucker.Gull Gueuler., slang.


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