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Each faction's type of building is limited to only escort claudia rotterdam 2 in the entire game.
If a town has one of the special recruiting buildings another cannot be built there, it is limited to only one per town.
See Details ount scription.They are extremely deadly on the field of battle.Damage from the spearwall is based on the speed of the horse.Interactions, edit "Tell me about your journey." - This option lets the Caravan Master tell you about his plans for trading.However, if you're very persuasive and they really don't like you it may be difficult to actually get them to follow your orders once they've changed sides.Be warned that these quests provide fairly stiff challenges.Nobles have their own troop upgrade paths and can be recruited from towns if the player is a noble themself.Faction monarchs are now often accompanied by contingents of elite guard.At the start of the game each faction's capital has one of these buildings and will supply troops to the lord that owns the town as well as the town garrison.Troops * Massive number of new and rebalanced troops - every tree has been redesigned from scratch * Troops are now organised into three tiers.2 - infantry only 3 - archers only 4 - cavalry only j - Form Ranks p - Form a Line k - Form a Wedge u - Remove Formations t - Display coherence (morale and effectiveness) of both sides careful with thneys!
The wound will heal, but it will take time.Using formations and other battle commands: Note: you need to turn ON formations in the Camp - Settings menu first.Companions * Only Companions of level 20 or higher can be granted fiefs.He'll sing a song commemorating your achievements, if you ask him nicely.Advisors * To assist in keeping an eye on a player's potentially rebellious lands a civics adviser can be hired from the kingdom management menu.They're quite tough, but excellent source of loot and money for the experienced commander.A new item - Whiskey has been added which gives a 30 morale boost when in inventory, but reduces your pathfinding and spotting skills.

This means the player can build ONE additional recruitment building in the town of their choice, but they are expensive and take a long time to build.
Speak to your Spymaster, who will give you options to either 'assassinate' a lord, or attack a lord's troops.


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